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Custom T-Top Boat Cover Installation Instructions

Let’s face it, cleaning your center console boat after a trip is hard enough without having to clean it again before going out. Not only does your Custom T-Top Boat Cover allow you to spend more time on the water, your investment is protected by a durable cover — custom fit to your specific boat model. Better yet, the way these covers are designed, T-top boat cover installation has never been easier.

NOTE: These covers are NOT designed for in-water,  nor travel use. Trailering your cover will VOID your warranty.

To Begin Installation on Your Cover, Stand Inside Your Boat

1) Locate the royal blue strap located on your T-Top Boat Cover. Attach the strap to the front center bar beneath your t-top.


a) If you do not have a center bar to attach the royal blue strap to, an additional strap connector is needed.


2) Next, find the two black webbing straps on either side of the royal blue strap, and attach them to the right and left of the center bar. The fabric between the straps should be taught.

t-top-boat-cover-installation-step-2a t-top-boat-cover-installation-under-t-top

3) Next, place the front section of the cover over the bow. Once your cover has properly been installed for the first time, you may slide the cover over the bow before attaching the blue strap.


4) Place the portion of the cover that contains the draw rope over either the starboard or port side rub rail, depending on which side your zipper is installed on. Find the webbing strap that is located next to the forward half of the zipper, at the top of the cover, and connect it to horizontal bar found under the t-top. This strap should be positioned between the console and the helm seat. The material between the webbing straps should be kept taught.

NOTE: These straps are adjustable and can be tightened or loosened as necessary.


5) Take the large section of the cover, the opposite side of where the zipper is installed, and pull it around the stern of the boat covering the motor or motors. The motor(s) should be in a down position for the cover to fit properly. Find the stern half of the zipper and join it to the forward half. The zipper will start at the top near the t-top and zip downwards. Only zip down one-third of the way.

6) Find the webbing strap closest to the stern zipper, and attach this strap to the same horizontal bar between the console and helm seat that the front section is attached to. Continuing to the left, counterclockwise, find the next webbing strap and attach this to the center horizontal bar under the t-top. Keep working to the left and connecting all the webbing straps to the bars under the t-top.

7) Once all straps are connected under the t-top, step out of the boat and complete zipping the remaining portion of the zipper. At the bottom of the zipper is a draw rope which has loops on both ends. Slide one end of the rope through a loop and draw the rope tight. Make a clove hitch knot at the end of the rope.


8) Check to confirm that the cover is securely fastened over the bow, rub rails, stern corners and motor(s). If the cover fits loosely, re-enter the boat to adjust the straps connected under the t-top. One inch loops are installed around the bottom of the cover for tie downs. Tie downs are not included but can be purchased separately.






T-Top Boat Cover Care and Cleaning

What You Should Do Before Covering Your Boat

1. Remove or firmly tie down detachable accessories, such as auxiliary motors,
ladders, spotlights, navigation lights, ski brackets, etc.

2. Pad sharp edges, corners, or projections. The easiest way is to wrap old towels or pieces of carpeting over and around protrusions. If necessary these pads can be taped firmly in place.

Tying Down Your Cover

The snugness of the cover is the most important factor to insure trouble free boat cover life. Each and every tie down loop must be securely fastened to either the trailer, lift or dry dock, using rope, shock cord, or straps. (NOTE: If tying off to the trailer, the boat MUST be rigidly fastened to the trailer.) Before tightening, the cover must be properly supported and padded. Protect the sides of your boat from hooks or buckles that may scratch the finish.

Cleaning Your Cover

Hand wash boat covers with mild soap or detergent. Do not use anything with bleach or bleach alternatives. Use a garden hose to rinse dirt off. Never use harsh chemical cleaners or solvents on your cover. Never place a boat cover in washing machine.

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