T-Top Boat Shade Kit

T-Top Boat Shade Kits add shade to the rear of your center console or walk around boat. It is made with the finest lightweight, yet durable,  “Resilience” material.  “Resilience” has exceptional elasticity and protects against harmful UV rays while reflecting up to 75% of UV heat. It installs within minutes with incredible ease. Your T-Top Boat Shade Kit includes necessary poles and stores easily in it’s own bag. It is available in 3 sizes and fits most T-Top boats.

T-Top Boat Shade Kits can be used while underway, up to 30 knots. However, they are not made for permanent use, so you should take them down after every use to keep them in top condition.


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t-top-boat-shade-kit-resilience-logoT-Top Boat Shade Kit Features and Benefits:

  • RESILIENCE shades are specifically designed for UV-protection and to handle harsh marine environments.
  • RESILIENCE is bonded with an outer UV reflective coating. At 20% stretch, it offers an effective UV block of 98% and it will reflect up to 75% of UV heat.
  • RESILIENCE elasticity allows it to fit many size boats, which gives it a custom fit appearance.
  • RESILIENCE is extremely breathable and whisper quiet while underway and it can handle speeds up to 30 knots. Because of dark pigments, it holds up to UV rays the longest and provides the most UV protection.
  • RESILIENCE has a one year warranty. Shade color on the T-Top Boat Shade Kit: BLACK
  • RESILIENCE shades’ qualities and features make this the best product available for sun protection anywhere!


Stock No. Size
(width x length)
Will Stretch
to Approx.
#12015 5’W x 4’L 7’W x 6’L
#12016 5’W x 5’L 7’W x 7’L
#12017 5’W x 6’L 7’W x 8’L






How to Clean Your T-Top Boat Shade

Cleaning your T-Top Boat Shade is as easy as turning on a hose! First, wipe away any lose dirt,  spray with clean, clear water, then use a rag or towel to wipe clean if needed. Rinse thoroughly, then air dry and you’re all set!

*Do NOT use cleaning chemicals or water repellents on this shade, it could damage the reflective coating.
















5'W X 4'L, 5'W X 5'L, 5'W X 6'L



  • Made in the USA
  • Good for all Climates
  • Acrylic Coated Polyester
  • Mildew & Color Resistant
  • Breathable
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Available Colors: Black. Cranberry, Grey, Hunter Green, Navy, Pacific Blue, Teal