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Easy to Install T-Top Boat Covers from Taylor Made Products

T-Top Boat Cover Installation

One person can install our covers in about 5 minutes, or faster if you have a friend to help.

When you get back from a day on the water, you don’t want any time-consuming hassles. You want to wash-down your boat and cover it to keep it nice and clean for the next time you’re ready to use it. If you can cover your boat quickly and with little effort, you’re a happy boater. That’s why Taylor Made carefully and purposely designs easy to install T-Top boat covers.

Lightweight Covers with Heavy Protection

These are big covers that protect large boats. So, we manufacture them from a durable, lightweight fabric to reduce total poundage and make them manageable when deploying around your vessel. The adjustable webbing straps and plastic side release buckles attach simply to your T-Top frame and add to the ease of installation.

Installation is a One-Person Job

In fact, our easy to install T-Top boat covers are a painless job for one person, especially if you own a center console boat. You can put them on alone from inside the boat, without the need to use ladders, get on, off, and on again, etc.

Quick & Painless Adjusting

The first time you install your custom fit Taylor Made cover, it will take you 25-30 minutes to get all of the buckles and straps adjusted for a nice, tight fit. But, the next time you put the cover on your boat after everything is adjusted, it will take you only about five minutes. And, if you have a little help, you can probably cut a minute or two off of that.

Covers Built with Ventilation in Mind

Not only are our covers easy to install but, because they attach under your T-Top, they provide ventilation and moisture evaporation. They also won’t ruin any of the pricey accessories attached to your top.

Installation instructions and a video are available here. Find your T-top cover by entering your boat’s manufacturer, year, and model in the form below…

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